1998 GMC K3500 crew cab dually flatbed

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  • I have this truck, thats gone back and forth a few times between me and my buddy, that when finished would be a damn good truck. It's a 6.5L turbo diesel from factory w/ a jasper 4L80E relocated PMD an as the advertisment title state it's a 98 GMC K3500 crew cab dually with I believe is a 10ft flat bed it also has a 6" suspension lift all leather seats power everything and I have 6 brand new tires for it, they are factory size so it does look weird on truck with the lift. BUT! And this is the shitty part.. So, Here's the deal. the Engine was replaced by prior owner(my buddy i said earlier) it has 30k or 40k on new one out of a 98 K2500 and he stated it just needed to be finished wired up, which it did but the more i got into rewiring and routing harness and stuff in safe locations the more i found out it needed more, much more. Due to my buddy being lazy as lazy gets and letting some no name dude down the road that claimed he knew what he was doing replace the engine who most likely doesnt know anything about automotive work. So here we go, the Transmission coolers need replaced, engine oil cooler and lines need replaced, cross over pipe needs replaced, front clip also need's bolted back together and all lined back up, front bumper needs replaced, grille needs replaced, radiator needs to be reinstalled along with hoses and belts put back on, all A/C lines were cut out for who knows why. BUT. now he's the cool part, I literally have ALL of that stuff except A/C lines, including a spare non running 6.5 turbo engine that I've taken things off here and there as I worked on it, I just dont have the time to finish it let alone sleep with my current work schedule, and winter coming I can't get it in the garage with the 92 C3500 dually service rig and quads the daily blah blah blah. Truck is a beast, it's awesome, it looked sharp as hell before that random got his booger hooks on it. Title in hand. Also, it'll be cleaned out and off ready for hauling before anyone would come look at it. Fun fact: when you go to Walmart in it if you don't take up 4 spots, you can't get out the sides and I'll stick out in the lane. It's basically one of those "everyone will know how small my penis is trucks" when you're driving it around. Oh and it's got a stack, its the dumbest location for it ever, but that's how he got it originally, there's I think 2" wheel spacers for ithe as well. I'm lookin for like $2,000 obo or trades of some sort, idk offer up. I'm into ALOT of stuff