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    26 Oct 2020

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  • nice collection 50 ELECTRIC guitars I have simply run out of room and reasonable time to enjoy all this stuff, so my loss is your gain. Buy with confidence. I stand behind each and every item I list to be as described. Hamer sunburst F/T XT series set neck teal colored Washburn WI14 Electric Guitar- upgraded Fender Squier Standard Stratocaster Sunburst like new 2 Point Bridge Yamaha RGX 312 Vintage Rare Electric Guitar all original two way locking tremolo Ibanez Gio GRX 45 Electric Guitar Metallic Red Jackson Electric Guitar, Red Flake Finish, Super-Strat, 24 Fret js 22 Ibanez GRG170DX HSH Solid Body Humbucker Gio Electric Guitar Blue MINT!!! Yamaha RGX220 DZ Electric Guitar White Hamer XT Series Double Cutaway Electric Guitar SFX2-BK ESP ltd m-55 guitar reddish beautiful Jackson Electric JS1 Dinky Guitar Reddish clean 20 anniversary affinity strat ibanez grx 20 upgraded Ibanez grg 120 dx Small body Hamer Slammer maroon Ibanez RX20 upgraded Ibanez IJX 40 Ibanez stagestar washburn WI 36 yamaha eg 112 c2 Aria pro II rs series Yamaha erg 121 Samick silvertone blue Samick silvertone red 2 new squire strat indo Ibanez grg120 bdx Ibanez grg121 bdx standard squier Stratocaster blacktop two humbuckers with mighty mite neck Hamer Slammer h s h pearoid Samick le 11 laguna carved top sunburst Laguna LE HH upgraded with 2 chrome humbuckers Ibanez GSA 60 Ibanez EX 170 red maple neck Squire indo strat wine Ibanez RG220 B Ibanez GRX 20 upgraded Washburn gwl strat 2 AXL Headliner white double cutaway Fender Standard Squier Stratocaster Epi les paul special cherry Epi les paul black upgrade with chrome humbuckers Fender Squier SE sunburst Ibanez GRGR 121 EX black reverse Framer focus 211s maple neck Jay turser 300 strat Washburn WI14 Washburn X10 Yamaha RGZ 121 Z Kramer Focus IIIs Sunburst 3AMPS AND 30 SOFT CASES and more plus 1 new casio keyboard ctk 2100