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  • Manual Accounting Course Outline Accounting is the key and requirement of every organization. Where accounting has so many standards and running in the organization, so without knowing of standards, it is impossible to run the accounts successfully in the organizations. 1. Financial Accounting 2. Advanced Accounting 3. Complete Preparation Computerize Accounting Course Outline Today, without having the technology and especially Information Technology the organization cannot be able to run very calmly, smoothly & Effectively. The Advantage of the technology is to get prompt status or reports from the machines. Computerized Accounting Software training is In Karachi, Pakistan and Covers the Following Software; 1. Financial Accounting 2. Tally 3. Advance Excel 4. Peach tree, Quick Book Accounting Now Registrations are Opened Admission Last Date: 4 JULY 2020 Contact Us: 021-34141329 0333-2402474 Email: [email protected]