your willing to change your life please let me

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    1. You've hit your max. You're ready to give up. The bills are piling up, your family isn't supportive, and you've stopped believing in what you can do.
    2. In fact, it's so bad ... you're rotating your bills. You know what I'm saying? You have 3 major utilities to pay, and one gets put off until next month. You go one week without electricity because you have NO other choice.
    3. Let me tell you this ... I've been there. When your dream seems so far out of reach, you can't even see the... finish line ... it hurts.
    4. It destroys your confidence.
    5. It turns you into a non-believer.
    6. It takes everything you've done up to this point ...
    7. And makes it seem like a waste. It makes you FEEL like a waste.
    8. In this low moment ... I want you to ask yourself.
    9. What are your dreams worth?
    10. Are they worth ONE MORE try?
    11. Are they worth one more hour on your laptop?
    12. Are they worth one more email blast?
    13. Are they worth one more day of networking?
    14. See, here's the deal. If your dreams are MASSIVE, your climb is gonna be a little tough. But don't take your eyes off the peak. Even though your legs have gotten a bit sore and you're having a hard time catching your breath ... don't stop CLIMBING.
    15. You have everything inside of you to make it.
    16. You have a brain. You have a heart ... you have a STORY.
    17. And guess what? That story is enough.
    18. It's all you need. 
    19. Tell it. SHOUT it. 
    20. OWN it.
    21. I'm waiting for you at the top of that mountain. And I'm not going anywhere. I know you're coming. I know you're on your way.
    22. I know it's YOUR time