How do backpackers choose backpacks?




I have read many friends’ responses and help, very professional. But I think the backpack, and outdoor adventure requires backpackers used is completely different. They have a lot of different functional needs, talk about my views and my choices. The premise is that I did not understand the wrong words, the question is to find Travel Backpack instead of looking for Out Door Backpack

How to choose the right backpack capacity? Choosing the capacity of the backpack is the most important part. Excessive capacity will definitely lead to overpack (overloading) because when the backpack is too large, you will never feel that you have put some unnecessary things into it. The right backpack capacity can urge you to choose the most needed materials, instead of plugging them all in.

Remember that Packing Light is an important prerequisite for travel quality. Please do not choose a backpack of this size and give yourself too much burden. Packing Light is a process that you may not be able to reach the limit of light travel at once, but you must work hard in this area, and have the opportunity to introduce you to the right materials and packaging. Now it’s still the legend of the legendary backpack.

First of all, your package must be available for boarding size. First, avoid the troubles of consignment. Second, the things that can be carried by the boarding bag are far enough. It seems a bit funny when backpacking is checked. Introducing a backpack, Osprey Farpoint 55, which is the ultimate capacity for boarding.

It has a very large capacity and has exceeded the shipping standards of the airlines. However, after my personal experience, the airport has never given me any warnings, including Germany. , Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and many cities in China. However, because the size meets the standard, I will not make any guarantee that you can bring the plane, you can prepare for the consignment. Here is a travel tip If you already have a limit the weight of checked baggage, plus this 55L backpack, you can bring back more things than the boarding suitcase.

This Osprey Farpoint 55 is not easy to buy in China, and even Osprey dealers have rarely seen this bag. Too many people just know and mistakenly think that backpacking should be suitable for hiking bags. The function of the travel backpack is not always in contact. I will give an example of the difference in the next section. Some dealers directly told me that this package is not bought in China, and you don’t have to worry about crashing in the country.

However, it can be seen every time at a foreign airport, because he is the first model in the 2015 foreign backpacking website. Now I am using a 28L backpack. After understanding and trying by Packing Light , 28L can take care of any season and any time. For example, if you travel in the UK for 30 days, you need to experience different climates to still hold all my clothes. Can you imagine how easy and relaxing it is to travel with a backpack of just 28L?

Timbuk 2 Aviator I used the Archaeopteryx 4L shoulder bag as the daypack and traveled easily with daypack after arriving at the destination. 4L The daily-use backpack of this capacity is too small for many people to accept. Generally, everyone will choose a daily bag of about 15L.

This is still a matter of concept. In fact, 4L is enough to put the APS-C camera, GoPro, iPad, EDC packet, headlights, and other portable items, and even the GoPro triaxial stabilizer is put in. These portable materials are enough. So, with the 15L daily bag, you will find that you are completely dissatisfied, and you are all concentrated at the bottom of the backpack.

Even if you want to bring a 1.5L kettle and temperature-adjusting clothes, please do not choose a daily bag of more than 10L. The daily package I choose Arcteryx Slingblade 4 Shoulder Bag.

Speaking of this, you may not know how to choose the size of the backpack. Remember this one. After loading it, you can make this action with your handbag. Your backpack weight is suitable. Capacity I hope is below 35L. I will also complete the travel list article as soon as possible and share my understanding of Packing Light. 1) Open the front of the main warehouse We know that most of the hiking backpacks are open at the top, just refer to one. The design of the upper opening is very simple, because outdoor hiking, especially in the wild, the backpacks used in the wild, often do not take too many items, tents, mats, kitchen utensils, tableware and other equipment, only need to go to the camp.

But believe me, if you choose a backpack that opens upward as a backpack ………… you will, after the regret of! Because of the main compartment above the opening, especially after you arrive at the hotel, it is very troublesome to take the necessary washing bags, clothes storage bags, and so on.

Packing or unpacking are particularly inappropriate. So you need a backpack with this opening: The main warehouse has three zippers, similar to suitcases. This kind of opening type backpack is easier to unpacking after arriving at the hotel, and it is also more convenient to use the space and store materials. I want to go to a box, just go out and buy a little souvenir today, just look for an empty one, if you open the backpack? How do you get inside? 2)

The carrying system can hide the travel bag, often placed in the luggage compartment of the aircraft, or in the cabin of the Youth Hostel, on the luggage table of the hotel, and even occasionally you need to check your backpack, you certainly do not want to expose the system to the outside.

So be sure to find a backpack that can hide the carrying system. And the hiding method should be simple, starting from home ~ airport ~ landing ~ boarding ~ hotel. In this process, I usually store shoulder straps and belts many times.


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