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Most Popular RC Toys

A toy is an object whose main function is to allow play. Toys are mostly related to kids or pets, but it is not unusual for elders and some animals to play with toys. Many objects are made to serve as toys, but some that are produced for other purposes can also be used as toys.

A child can pick up an object from the house and throw it away, claiming it is a plane, or an animal can play with a pine cone, bite it, chase it, or toss it. Some toys are made primarily to be collector’s items and are not intended for play. Toys and games, in general, are important when it comes to learning about the world around us. Children use toys and games for entertainment, explore relationships and practice the skills they will need as adults.

Toys are more than just entertainment, and the way they are used deeply influences many aspects of life. In ancient times it is have been observed playing with everything they can find, turning things like pinecones, rocks, or food like toys. It’s just the meaning of a living being, and toys have a history as old as human civilization itself. Toys and games were discovered on the sites of ancient civilizations (children’s graves, Greek steles). They have been described in some writings of our oldest kinds of literature. The first toys are made from materials found in nature, such as rocks, sticks, and clay.


The toys from the digs of the Indus Valley Civilization (-3000, -1000 BC) are small carts, bird-shaped whistles, monkeys and toys that could slide on a chain.In excavations of the city of Susa (2nd millennium BC) were found in tombs of young princes miniature toys with limestone and bitumen wheels, lions and hedgehogs, doll heads in terracotta with a clown face and some of which have holes in the base of the neck to attach a garment and fix the heads on bodies roughly shaped.

Thousands of years ago, Egyptian children play with dolls wearing wigs and moving limbs made of stone, ceramic or wood. In ancient Greece and ancient Rome, children play with wax or terracotta dolls, sticks and yo-yos, boys more specifically play bows and arrows or do chariot races. Since antiquity, predetermined roles have been distributed according to the sexes, reproducing ancestral stereotypes. The toys are mainly offered during the end of the year festivities (Saturnalia, Anthesteria).

When Greek children, especially girls, grow up, it is customary for them to sacrifice the toys of their childhood to gods. Few toys remained before the nineteenth century, suggesting that they were few and only for children of noble and wealthy families. Historical sources (inventories after death, archives of a Parisian wholesaler revealing 500,000 toys in shops in 1782) suggest the opposite.

Modern Development:

As technology has changed and civilization has progressed, toys have also changed. While ancient toys manufactured by materials like the piece of stone, the block of wood, and iron, modern toys are often made of plastic, textiles, and synthetic materials.

Old toys were often made by the parents and family of the children who used them, or by the children themselves. Modern toys, on the other hand, are often mass-produced and sold in stores. The oldest was simple dolls and carvings of wood and packets of grass. Egyptian dolls are sometimes attached so that their limbs can move realistically.

From the early 1800s and the industrial revolution that marks the golden age of the toy, there were dolls that could say “mom” He materials from which toys are made have changed, which has changed the toys themselves, but not the fact that children play with toys.


Toy manufacturers are changing and adapting their toys to meet the changing needs of children and thereby gain a greater share of the market. In recent years, many toys have become more complex, with flashing lights and sound in order to make children happy and develop children interested in television and internet.

According to Mattel’s president, Neil Friedman, “Innovation is the key to the toy industry and to succeed, you need a” Wow “in children that indicates that the toy is fun, innovative features like new technologies and attractive content.

Impact on the economy:

Toys “R” Us operates more than 13,000 stores in 30 countries and has annual revenues of $ 11.1 billion. The toy industry has a worthy economic impact. Toy sales often increase around holidays where gift exchanges are a tradition. Some of these holidays include Christmas, Easter, St. Nicholas, and Epiphany. In France, 54% of toy sales are made at Christmas.

Details of some Most Popular Toys of this  era are discussed below:

RC Helicopters:

RC helicopters are a class apart because of differences in construction, aerodynamics and flight technique. They are very interesting machines because of their complex mechanics; moreover, unlike other flying machines, these make it possible to perform flights in all directions (translations) and of course to remain perfectly immobile (stationary) over a point.

RC Planes:

RC Planes are small propeller planes that race around 2, 3, or 4 pylons, with speeds of up to 250 km / h. These devices are generally cheap and offer fairly close performance which emphasizes the skill of the drivers.

They are usually made of fiberglass; stronger composite materials are used on the most stressed points during flight. The wings are usually hollowed out in order to reduce the weight (all devices must reach a minimum weight, but lighter wings allow a more precise steering).

RC Quadcopter:

A Quadcopter is a rotary wing aircraft with four rotors for its lift. Rotors are usually placed at the ends of a cross. In order to prevent the apparatus from turning on itself on its yaw axis, it is necessary that two propellers rotate in one direction and the other two in the other direction.

To be able to steer the device, it is necessary that each pair of propellers rotating in the same direction is placed at the opposite ends of a branch of the cross. A quadcopter is composed of a central chassis, including the flight controller (a board carrying the microcontroller and various sensors), as well as the battery used to power the drone, and in general at least one camera. Four arms leave this central frame, which can be X or H. At the end of each arm is fixed a motor, driving a propeller2.

The flight controller is connected or has elements allowing different types of Tele-transmissions according to the drone models. In the case of entry-level toys, Bluetooth is used for the controls (very low range, up to 60 min LTE), the following ranges use Wi-Fi for the transmission of commands and video. For the most upscale, radio frequencies (sometimes coupled with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi), are used for control, either FM in 41 MHz or for larger ranges (several kilometers), 2.4GHz, often programmable.

Batteries generally use Li-Po (lithium-ion polymer) batteries. Depending on the type of gear, the batteries are oriented towards more autonomy (the majority of the cases), or a higher instantaneous power (racing drones) an integrated circuit to the battery to know the remaining battery life and transmit this information to the flight controller so that the drone can land smoothly before they are completely emptied.

RC Cars\Vehicles:

Children have toyed with various versions of conveyance, machine since ancient times, while motor vehicle toys are even produced on ancient Greek vases. Movement-activated toys have also played a role in the success of toy vehicles.

Toys start from common wooden games for young children to complex and realistic design like those made by Hornby. These vehicles are produced with great attention to detail. The RC cars are controlled by wireless remote.

Each and every detail of RC toy designed like the original. The cars run on batteries and with the advancement in the toy manufacture industry, some RC cars are powered with small Nitro engine. These RC cars are very powerful and fast and are the most popular product among people.

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