How to Use Indian Healing Clay Melao?

Indian Healing Clay Melao

Indian healing clay melao is enhanced with calcium magnesium and sodium, this healing clay can even diminish sore muscles and carpal burrow torment as it detoxifies and restores your skin. It creates imaginative characteristic items that advance healthy, more youthful looking skin and body prosperity. Every one of the choices here is figured for delicate application and amazing results.

This is the best product you would ever use for healing your damaged skin. You would be able to get your skin healed quickly. There is an easy way to use it. We show you how you can easily use it.


Order your Indian healing clay melao from VolgoPoint, comes right to your entryway in 2 days. Make a point to purchase apple juice vinegar. You can blend in with water also yet I don’t think it fills in too that way. The ACV makes it extra amazing.


Get a blending bowl and plastic blade – this works incredible to spread the clay all over! Blend 1 Tablespoon clay powder with somewhat less than 1 Tablespoon of ACV. The name says equivalent parts, yet I locate that somewhat less fluid is perfect. It will froth when you blend – don’t stress, that is typical! Blend it into pleasant, smooth glue and put a thick layer all over your face.


Hold up 10 minutes in the event that you have extremely delicate skin. Sit tight for 20 minutes in the event that you don’t. Time for that infant to dry and do its enchantment! It will break and turn light shading as it dries. I think that it’s ideal to put this all over 20 minutes before you wash up so you can simply flush everything off there. It’s somewhat difficult to wash off since its clay and it dries hard. Utilize an old washcloth or paper towel on the off chance that you are washing your go head to head in the sink.


When you wash all the clay off, your face will be red in patches. That is ordinary! They will leave in around 30 minutes. Make a point to apply a great deal of your preferred facial oil after the mask to keep your face hydrated after such an amazing treatment. I prescribe utilizing it consistently for 5-7 days or until your concern regions clear up significantly. Start with a full face mask, at that point days two simply spot treat the issue zones, at that point the following day utilize a full face mask, etc. When you’ve reset your skin, you can change to utilizing it once every week.

Indian Healing Clay Melao


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