How Android Phones Outclassed iPhone x?

iPhone X

Apple has upped its game with iPhone X. But there are still several ways that Android phones like Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 outsmarts iPhones. There are five things that android phones can accomplish but iPhones cannot.

I phone x

1. All Screen Viewing

The iPhone X has a collection of sensors and optics for its face ID system which sits in a bump on the top of the display. And this creates some problems; it compromises the viewing capability of the screen. However, that means the display is interrupted by this weird ‘monobrow’ effect. Graphics surge beneath this smack on the iPhone X, in contrast, most of the android phones, house the camera unit in a band across the crest of the display. So when you try to load an app on the iPhone X, parts of the display will be found missing. Developers will require regulating their applications. Some apps append bars to faint the smack during video playback. And it’s definitely easier to watch in portrait orientation. But it’s a problem if you desire to use your iPhone in landscape mode. True full-screen mode won’t be an option. Compare this to the Note 8. You will find that Samsung’s screen has curved edges, which makes it seem even bigger.

2. Headphone Jack

If you buy the iPhone X, then, unfortunately, you will not be able to slot you favorite pair of wired headphones straight in. That is because Apple’s new device does not have a headphone jack. You will need to make use of a dongle if you want to use your best wired headphones or you can use Apple’s lightning headphones instead. In contrast to this, android phones have a standard jack. So you won’t want to make your device heavier with a dongle. It also has a USB C-port, as well as, a MicroSD slot for expanding your storage. This is one of the things that make android phones superior to iPhones.

3. Charging

Most of us desire potent solutions to charge our mobiles, both speedily and wirelessly. Android phones launched wireless charging in 2013; iPhone has just launched this feature with its latest generation of iPhones.

4. Stylus

Stylus is another feature that differentiates android phone form iPhone. Samsung has included an S-Pen with its note series of devices.

5. Touch Id

iPhone has removed the fingerprint reader. On the contrary, android phones still have it all. You can use the IRIS scanner, fingerprint reader, or face detection mode to unlock your contrivance.

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