Some Ridiculous Phone Accessories that will Tempt you

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You get yourself a brand new Smartphone but you sense that something is missing. The paramount thing to do is to jazz it up with some amusing accessories. You ought to garnish your mobile as you garnish your food to make it unique and special. Take your breath; we are discussing some bizarre phone accessories that will tempt you to buy one.

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The phone Brush

When you are having a bad hair day, there is a phone case with a hairbrush on the other side. When you put it in your pocket no thief would ever realize that it’s a phone.

Hands-Free Headband

This headband keeps your phone by your ear, so your hands are free while driving.

The Neck Brace

This accessory attaches to your neck and holds the phone out in front of your eyes. Now, you can watch movies and videos without having to hold the phone in your hands.


This cap turns your video watching experience into a mini-movie theatre for your face. The material, hanging from the built, blocks out any distractions.

Fun Outfits

Phones do not like the cold. So grab some tiny clothes for your little digital body. You may buy small zip-ups, sweaters, and even coats.

Appetizing Accessories

You may put fried eggs, pizza, or other such food items as your case. But make sure that no one eats it.

The Baby Case

Sometimes you might just want to feel like a baby. So, here is a case with a bottle and a pacifier.

Spinner Case

Although, spinners have lost their charm, but are still a good way to kill the time when your phone battery runs out.

Robot Cleaner

This robot cleaner is not for your phone but is for your phone screen. You put the tiny robot on the surface and it will clean it.

Water Bottle Phone

Water and electronics sound to be a bad combination. This case also serves as a water bottle is designed in such a way that your mobile never touches the water as you take your drink.


This is a case in the shape of an ear. It is designed for those who like to amuse the passer-bys.

Pet-Friendly Case

We all know how hard it is to take a selfie with a pet. Your pet may easily get distracted and won’t look into the camera. Here is a solution, a phone case that holds a tennis ball. You may also get one that holds a chew ball.

Thermometer on the go

You measure your temperature and connect it to your phone. Temperature data is displayed on the screen and recorded in an electronic diary.

For Fans of Fans

It’s a must-have on hot days. Just plug this mini fan into your phone and feel the comfort of a cool breeze.

So, you must be tempted by these accessories and now desire to get one for your phone. Contact Volgo Point, we provide the cheapest mobile accessories online. Shop with us from the comfort of your home and make your life easy.

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