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Apple and other Companies in March 2019 overhauled the AirPods and introduced the first AirPods update with useful new features that make designed earbuds better than ever.

The updated AirPods are equipped with an updated H1 chip, which replaces the W1 chip and brings connectivity improvements. AirPods connect more quickly to your devices for an even more hassle-free experience, and automatic switching between devices while listening to music is now two times faster. The H1 chip in the second-generation AirPods supports Bluetooth 5.0, which should bring better range.

When Apple announced wireless AirPods, it met with mixed reactions. None of the negative reactions came after actual use; those were mostly knee-jerk reactions to a new product. There are only a handful of people who have actually tried them on and their experience has been positive. Since I own the iPhone 7 Plus and the iPad Pro (along with three Google Nexus devices and Pixel C tablet), I have been debating whether to buy AirPods or not. Here are some pros and cons that helped me in my purchase decision. They may help you too.

1-Pairing made easy

If you own Bluetooth headphones you already know how painful it is to pair and unpair them with different devices. Apple solved that problem by developing their own W1 chips that seems to be using Bluetooth standards, but with better connectivity and more power efficiency with any device.

2-Smart enough to work with Android devices

The smartness of AirPods goes beyond just the iCloud pairing. AirPods are equipped with dual optical sensors, accelerometers, tiny batteries, W1 chips and a microphone. All of these work together to offer a great experience. The sensors detect how you are using them.  If I want to use AirPods with my device; I can pair them just like plain old boring Bluetooth headphones.

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