The best iPhone case to buy in 2020

We all love the genuine and lovely products that come out from apple each year. Apple is one of the biggest names in the tech world and its iPhone series is world-class in both its features and its performance. This is a very expensive piece of equipment and does require some protection.

Here at Volga Shopping, we have the best iPhone cases. Some of these cases are designed to fit all iPhone models of the current generation. While some are based on particular designs. But don’t worry We have them all!

Why buy these cases in the first place?

Even though iPhones are relatively durable and some tests prove that but we still believe in safety first. We don’t want our customers to have to pay for a new iPhone scene if they drop their phone by chance.

We want them to have the proper protection. So that when they do drop their phone on hard surfaces they don’t have to go through costly repair or replacements. We all know that the average iPhones cost around 1,000 dollars which is not a sum everyone can afford. So, if you break it. It’s safe to say you’ll not be in a hurry to replace. So what the best option to protect yourself from such a tragic loss.

The answer is simple

Use our phone protectors they will help cover the sides and the back of the phones from any damage. The high-end ones even have some have built-in buttons and features that help with the phones.

While some phone cases are built for aesthetics and some are built fordurability there are some that provide both. They will help in keeping your phone in top shape. While also reducing the dents and scratches that can happen to the iPhone. They are there to help with the phone and they do a fantastic job at that.

We always test all our products before selling them to our customers.

R-JUST Metal Wood Case for iPhone

The phone casing as features that are broken up into different aspects


This case is a unique blend of wood and metal parts. They work so well together to give you a radiant and durable look. The aesthetics are astounding the wooden features give it a more natural look.


The design has all the proper openings. There are holes in the cover which facilitate activities like charging, speakers, and taking a camera. Another important feature is that the case is covered in a thin-film that stops dust from accumulating on it. This gives it dust resistance. The design of the wood does change with three different woo textures,  Best iPhone case to buy in 2020.


We have given a lot of thought and have provided our customers with a case that best represents the top quality of Volga Shopping. We have a product that can be used on multiple iPhones without any issues. The only limiting factor is the size. Which is 5.5 inches. That means the case is compatible with these following iPhone types:

  • Apple iPhones
  • iPhone X
  • The iPhone XS MAX
  • The iPhone XR
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone11
  • iPhone 11 Pro MAX
  • iPhone 11 Pro

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