The best toy car for your kids in 2020

Having a child is every parents’ dream. You wish to give your children the very best. If you have a beautiful boy you know how energetic boys can get. So why not give them an equally fascinating gift. A toy car. But not just any toy car a car that is modelled after the latest cars developed by tesla. Yes, that tesla the world-famous one. Here at VolgoPoint Shopping, we have the best cars along with all the latest features. These miniature models come in different shapes and sizes but look and feel exactly like the originals.

What to look for in toy cars?

In 2020 there is a lot of competition among toy makers. That’s why there are so many products available on the market but for so much quantity there is always a loss in quality. but don’t worry our products are always tested. So that our customers know that they are buying a good quality product.

Even among all our specialized toy cars, the one model that stands out is the tesla car models. They have such a unique look that children never get tired of playing with them. They also come with so many new features that they are more like space ships than cars. But the best among them is the:

Tesla MODEL X MODEL3 Alloy Car

Everyone knows that car toys are made of plastic. But this toy is made with a special plastic alloy which means it is stronger and more resistant than regular plastic. This gives the toy extra shelf life and keeps it from breaking very easily. We have made a small list of all the features available for this toy car model.

The superior built quality

The car cover itself is made with plastic alloy but the internal structure or chassis is made with original zinc alloy. This makes the toy more stable during play but also adds an extra layer for protection from corrosion and water. The zinc layer also helps in keeping the car smooth and shining. This gives it a sort of scratch resistance.

The last thing to mention about the car is made using the proper adjustments and design for example the bottom plastic of the model is made with plastic to that it is easy to remove when repairing and also helps shed a little bit of weight off the toy.

Awesome Six door design

Normal toy cars just have one or two doors. Some products have shut doors that don’t open. However, this toy car on VolgoPoint Shopping has a record 6 door design. The two front doors open to the side while all the others open in a beautiful butterfly pattern. This is what adds to the appeal of the toy. Kids love this car design,  Best Toy Car.

It is sure to make some heads turn when in full display. The front hood and the back truck also open just like a real model. Together all six doors open independently and have a plastic locking mechanism for proper closing.

Fast engine and led lights

The car does have a pullback engine that makes it go very fast with just a little pull. The other thing to mention about the engine is not to pull too hard as this causes strain on the gears and can shorten the engine’s power.

The lights on the car also blink when moving. The front windshield is extending so that kids can see inside the car. The interior is modelled just like the original car. It comes with a large centre console plus a large space to seat seven passengers. This is adding to the futuristic effect of the car. The last thing to mention is the tires. They come in rubber and are made using quality rubber so they don’t lose traction easily.

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