The best smartwatch for any smartphone

What does a smartwatch do?

A smartwatch is a wearable small computer. It closely resembles a wristwatch or any ordinary watch. But the features and the specifications are totally different from regular watches. We at Volgo Shopping have the best variety of smartwatches available to our customers.

What are their key functions?

All of the smartwatches are capable of telling time but they have so many more features. For example, Bluetooth connectivity. The watches have wireless Bluetooth adaptors built into them this makes it easier for watches to connect to a smartphone. People can control phones remotely and listen to music or read messages using the watch.

In such smart gadgets, the wearer can use the interface to initiate and answer phone calls from their mobile phones. They have to ability to send and read emails and messages. Some watches have music and sound control along with proper digital assistance interfaces.

Why are they so popular?

They really are the next generation of watches to hit the market. People love using them because they act like a small phone that you can use from your wrist. Due to competition, some companies make limited edition watches. Some make watches that are suitable for any phone type. These universally compatible watches are the most popular products on the market. The watch we would like to present for our customers is the:

AmazfitBip Fitness Smartwatch

This smartwatch has all the latest features that you can want in a watch. From battery life to GPS everything is good. with a sleek and elegant looking design, it is our choice for the best watch out there.

Long battery life:

The watch comes with battery capacity optimization along with a low power-consuming display. The Sony 28nm GPS chip is great for extending battery life and gives more power to every function.

The RTOS (real-time operating system), and low power-consuming optical sensor make a great combination of cutting power usage and extending battery. The battery life is just under 45 days with one charge.

This is great for hiking or camping.  People won’t have to worry about battery life and just enjoy their vacations



The latest GPS technology

The watch has a built-in GPS+GLONASS dual-satellite positioning system. This is the latest in GPS technology. The long battery life improves the gaps life and you can run the GPS for 22 hours straight without any issues. This ship helps in power consumption. It cuts down on power consumption while increasing performance.

4 Unique Sports Modes

The watch comes with 4 unique modes for walking, cycling and outdoor, indoor running. The function that is common among all four modes are:

  • Outdoor Smartwatch
  • PPG Sensor
  • Smart Notifications
  • Proper Outdoor Play


The watch has a 1.28” inch display. The resolution is of 127 x 127 with a 2.5D Corning glass. The glass does come with anti-fingerprint protection. This makes any icon and text look bright. The color stands out and it even has adaptive brightness to allow for better visuals in direct sunlight.

Built-in Heart Rate Monitor

The PPG Optical Heart Rate Sensor measures the wearer’s heartbeat and it comes with two modes.  The first is “Single Measurement “. The other is “Continuous Heart Rate”. The first one is a single heartbeat monitor.

The latter a continuous heart rate is measure just like in health care machines. The other features pertain to health care built-in with the heart monitors.

All Notifications

You can receive any type of information like emails, messages you can brose apps like Facebook and WhatsApp. Receive notification for all your important meetings and many more.

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