Battery Operated 12 Color Large-Capacity Watercolor Pens With Painting Templates And Dust-Free Cloth


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Product Specifications:
Item no.:Q6
Usage Age: 6+
Salesbox: PP box
battery: Built-in Li-ion battery: 500mAh
USB charging time: Charging via USB, charging time: 1.5H
Running time: about 40 min
Color for watercolor pen: 12 different colors
Selling point: Washable ink, Battery-operated spray painting

Product details:

1*Multi-purpose spray paint pen is created for children, which can do sprayed painting as well as handwritten painting, good tool for children’s creation
Equipped with 12-color large-capacity watercolor pens and flash LED lights on top of the pen
2*12-color large-capacity watercolor pens, with uniform inkjet and bright color, and the ink is washable and safe without toxi
3*Used hydrolytic performance ink, which can be washable and easy to scrub, children can spray freely and parents no need to worry
4*Multi-purpose, can do sprayed painting and handwritten painting

1. Charging: Connect the USB cable to power supply and the pot on the pen, LED on top of the pen flash while charging; LED turns off while full charged
2. Insert a watercolor pen, then press the power button slightly, the spray starts, release the button, the spray stops
Battery Operated painting VS Traditional painting

Continious and even Inkjet     Intermittent Inkjet

Highly effective electric painting, spraying time about 40 mins, enough for school use.

Various painting templates which can be combined freely, makes children love painting

Ergonomic design, easy to grasp, spray your art with slight press, easy creation!

How to clean after painting?
If this happens, use a small amount of soapy water to clean .


Packing included:
Painting templates
12-color large-capacity watercolor pens
Dust-free cloth

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