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3D fan Hologram projector
Regular Version: Upload photo/video via SD card. Computer software customize photo or video
App WiFi Version: Upload photo/video via Phone App / Computer  / SD card.
                                     Phone App / Computer software customize photo or video and control display
1 Year Warranty and outstanding after-sale service
Upgraded 450P resolution + 224 led beads + Upgrade PC software(Faster conversion speed) +High quality Moter(Brushless Motor)
224 led beads and brushless motors has improved the resolution and brightness. The life of the motor and led blade be extended greatly.
Upgraded Compared with other 42 model machine, the PC convertor speed is faster and easier, the APP function more powerful, control it by the APP to switch video. (Only Wifi Verison)
Resolution: 450*224px
Impute Voltage: AC 100-240V 50/60 HZ
Viewing Angle:160 degree
File Format: mp4 / avi / rmvb / gif / jpeg / png
LED Quantity: 224pcs
LED Working Life: 10000hours
Color: Black
Product Size: 42*13*11 cm
Package List:
1* host
1* power plug
1*memory card (16G)
4* screw
Support common video, animation and image display
The product is suitable for indoor use. If you need to use it outside, be equipped with a protective cover
The product recommended to be installed above 3.5M, otherwise the protective cover should be fitted.
Custom video and pattern editing, memory card with pattern editing software
Editing software suitable for windows xp / windows 7 / windows 8 / windows 10
Important Tips:
1, In order to avoid the problem of customs checking, the remote control does not contain battery.
2, When you first use, the fan may be work some minutes then it will stop, but it is normal situation.
    In that time, you can reinsert the socket and use the remote control to open the 3D fan, it will work well .
3, The SD memory card includes the software.
  If it doesn’t include, please contact me firstly , I will send to you through the email.
is there a time limit for video?
No time limit, but try to control videos’ length in 15 seconds, it will be better.
What kind of files or how can I create 3d images for the fan?
Support MP4, AVI, RMVB, MKV, GIF, JPG, PNG format with a black background . You can use some software like 3D maker ,Maya to make your own 3D images and then turn to bin format.
What rpm does the fan rotate?
The rpm is 1100 and the frame is 15fr.
How do I make a 3d movie or video?
Download some software like AE,MAYA,3D MAX on your computer. Make your video by a black or transparent background .
The device play sound ?
Sorry ,didn’t support sound.


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