Pitsco Laser-Cut Basswood T-Bot II Hydraulic Arm


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Basswood T-Bot Hydraulic Arm


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The Pitsco Laser-Cut Basswood T-Bot II Hydraulic Arm kit provides students in grades 6-12 a hands-on activity to build a
hydraulic robot that demonstrates the scientific concepts of axes and levers, force, and Newton’s laws of motion, and it
includes basswood parts required to build the robot and syringes and tubing for implementing four hydraulic controls.

It includes laser-cut basswood parts, syringes, wood dowels, screws, O-rings, nylon spacers, a plastic straw, clear plastic
tubing, hook-and-loop fastener, a rubber band, a resealable plastic bag, and instructions. The T-Bot II illustrates how
axes and levers work for students studying simple machines, and it demonstrates hydraulic power and simple robotics for
students studying mechanical concepts. The kit reinforces engineering, technology, and math concepts as students build
and test a hydraulic robot. The finished T-Bot II measures 12 inches at its tallest point. A hydraulic robot is
typically used in an educational setting to demonstrate mechanics, robotics, and physics.

Laser-cut basswood sheets (3 per robot)
* 6ml syringes (8 per robot)
* 1-1/8-inch dowel (1 per robot)
* 1-1/2-inch dowel (1 per robot)
* 1-3/4-inch dowels (4 per robot)
* 2-inch dowels (3 per robot)
* 2-1/2-inch dowel (1 per robot)
* 3/8-inch screws (8 per robot)
* 1/2-inch screws (2 per robot)
* O-rings (2 per robot)
* Nylon spacers (2 per robot)
* Plastic straw (1 per robot)
* 8 feet of clear tubing (1 per robot)
* Strip of hook-and-loop fastener (1 per robot)
* Rubber band (1 per robot)
* Resealable plastic bag (1 per robot)
* Instructions

Basswood T-Bot Hydraulic Arm


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