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Does your little one have difficulty falling—or staying—asleep at night or during the day? Dream Lab can help.

Designed for babies 4 months to 12 months and created with pediatric sleep consultants Jennifer Waldburger & Jill Spivack, Dream Lab is an online and interactive sleep program designed specifically for your baby and you.

How it works:

  • Take a sleep assessment of Baby’s sleep patterns and environment
  • Learn the fundamentals of no-tears sleep training through video tutorials from Jen & Jill
  • Receive a step-by-step sleep plan designed specifically for your baby
  • Follow the plan and input Baby’s progress–the interactive plan will shift according to baby’s progress to keep you on track
  • Know exactly when to put baby down for naps, or if weaning, when to wake for feedings
  • Tune in for twice-weekly private webinars with Jen & Jill to answer your questions live
  • Experience better sleep for you and baby in 7 days or less–guaranteed*


*Money back guarantee: full refund if returned within 15 days of registration

*Designed for babies 4-12 months

*US customers only


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