SmartWatch F9 Waterproof Ip68 Watches Heart Rate Monitor 200MAh Battery Steel Case Strap Bracelet Fitness Tracker For Men Women


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– 1.3 high-definition large screen
– 200MA large battery long standby
– Multi-sports mode (9 kinds of swimming, skipping, table tennis, badminton, etc.)
– Remote care function (for parental care, friend PK)
– Heart rate monitoring/blood pressure monitoring
– Health monitoring
– Sports records (pedometer, calorie burning, mileage, can display the trend chart of each time period).
– Sleep monitoring (can show the trend of sleep quality trend per time period)
– Message Push: Push, QQ, WeChat, SMS, Facebook Twitter, etc.
– Other functions: Call reminder,Alarm Reminder,Raise you hand the watch light,shake hand to take phonto
– APP:Wearhealth
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Drop-dead Gorgeous
Stronger Functions
Heart Rate Monitor      Blood Pressure Monitor      Message Reminder
Wechat Sports      Sports Steps      Sleep Quality      Call Reminde      Calories
Care Families      Sports Distance      Raise to Wake      Second Chronograph
Alarm Clock Reminder   Sports Pattern   sedentary Reminder   Shake to Take Phones
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Deep Customization
Custom Dial Plate
Deeply customize delicate Ul, choose your favourite dial plate via APP
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Wrist Variable Watchband
Different Wear
Universal watch strap, light pull and
disassemble Selected 316 fine steel
quality Ensure comfort and help
you navigate different situations.
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Monitor 24-hour heart rate
With built-in intelligent optical sensor
track all-day heart rate changes
Adjust exercise time and intensity at any time
according to the heart rate curve
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Monitor real-time blood pressure
Without phones, offer convenience
Wear the wrist watch and measure you
blood pleasure, relevant data shows on the screen
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Multiple Sports Modes
With multiple Sports modes to get ride of phones and record
real-time exercise data. Offer professional exercise reports to
make you acquiretargeted training.
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Message Reminder
Raise to Master
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Concern Sleep Quality
But Care You More
Automatically record your daily sleep quality, analyse
sleep period and time, monitor sleep heart rate, and
provide suggestions to improve sleep quality.
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Multifunctional monitoring
of all-day activities
Wechat Campaign/Remote Photography/Life Reminder/Remote Care.
Information alert/one-click measurement
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