Hacivat by Nishane


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Don’t be afraid of that pineapple note. Rich and natural-smelling rather than sporty or cheap, the pineapple note is so well done here that it redeems the reputation of the much-maligned fruit. Hacivat wears on the skin as lightly as a white linen shirt in summer. It is discreet, professional, and sparklingly clean, but possessed of just enough bitter moss and woods for gravitas. A rare, classically-built woody chypre with a contemporary edge, Hacivat just smells really wonderful and will make other people think you smell great too. Bookmark this scent if you love a modern classic.

  • Brand: Nishane
  • Formulation :
  • Gender:
  • Product Name:Hacivat by Nishane
  • Size :
    3.3 oz
  • Type :
    Extrait de Parfum

Hacivat by Nishane

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