14W Square Full Blue LED Plant Growing Light Greenhouses Plant Seedling Lamp


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14W Indoor Greenhouse Full Blue LED Plant Grow Light Panel

Plants in the greenhouse or laboratory, can completely replace the natural light, to promote plant growth. Apply to Hydroponic, gardening, Greenhouse Lighting, Seeding, Seedling, Breeding, Farm, Flower Exhibition, Garden, potted plants, etc.


Type Parameters
LED Wavelength Blue-460nm
LED Color Blue
LED Configuration 225pcs(Full Blue)
Working environment -20~40℃
Storage condition -40~85℃
Work frequency 50/60 Hz
Limited voltage AC 85-265V
Working current 0.09-0.18A
Output power 14W
Lumen 900lm
Irradiated area 1㎡-3㎡
Lighting time 10-16 Hours
Lifespan 50,000 Hours
Size 312x312x34mm

Have hanging kit, no setup required, this is a plug-n-play grow light

With 85-265V input, suitable for any country use
Contains no harmful elements, environmental friendly
Low power consumption, high luminous efficiency and long service life
Wavelength type of rich, coinciding with plant photosynthesis and optical spectral range morphogenesis anastomosis
Not only can regulate flowering and seed crops, but also to control plant height and plant nutrients

High luminous efficiency: 90% emitted light can be absorbed by plants

Blue light important for plants:
1. Blue light stimulates Chlorophyll production more than any other color, encouraging thick leaves, strong stems and compact vegetative growth.

Pakcage Included:
1 X LED plants grow light (US two-pin plug)
1 X outlet plug(matching according to different countries)


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