VR Space Plastic Virtual Reality Magnet 3D Glasses Google Cardboard Oculus Rift for Smartphone


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Heat Radiating Design
When long time using the phone to watch 3D, it will easily radiate out the heat of the phones from three holes and the back sides of the thermal window.

Perfect Optical Design
Our lenses using a resin material, the light transmission has improved significantly, reducing the problem of optical distortion.

Peeping Function
Removable cover allows users to more easily use and, after opening the cover, when you set the camera face out, you can use the camera in the meantime. Then, there are a lot of imaged functions, such as our current software there is a “peeping” function, only the exposed cell phone camera can be fulfilled. There are combining our augmented reality software allows you to experience augmented reality feature.

Openings for Earphone and Power
In the structural ingenious design, openings on both sides can not only increase the cooling function also lets you plug in your headphones, the experience of immersive feeling, the other side allows you to watch movies without having to worry about your phone power is running low, because we have given you a good and enough inside plug charging port space, and this space is suitable for any phone, not an ordinary product only in use for some phones.

Complete Darkroom Design
We will not reduce the darkroom effect because we have increased the headphone and power jack. After you put your phone into the great 3D Glasses, you can find inside a fully enclosed space.

High-end Sponge Design
We chose the more toughness and very thick sponge, and we are slow rebound sponge, and double-sided flocking sponge also allowed more comfortable affixed to the face. All materials are under environmental protection control. These make a significant increasing on the wearing comfort technology.

Easy Adjust Knob
Clever adjustment knob, pretty colors and easy-adjusted design, so that short-sight friends can remove your myopic glasses off and start enjoy.

Magnet for Google Cardboard Function
To perfectly compatible with Google cardboard function, we add the control magnetic switch with brilliant colors and designs.

Suitable iPhone 6S / 6 / Samsung / HTC 4.6 – 6 inch screen smartphone
Product Weight: 0.380 kg
Product Size ( L x W x H ): 20 x 10 x 14 cm / 7.86 x 3.93 x 5.50 inch

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