Xbox One Steering Wheel and Pedals PXN V3II 4 In 1 USB Wired Vibration Motor


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Xbox One Steering Wheel and Pedals

Compitable with PC/for PS3/for PS4/for XBOX-One consoles ;
Built-in dual vibration motor ,to bring you a more realistic racing experience ;
Imitation racing wheel ergonimics design , 180 turning angles and rubber grip ;
Collapsible simulation pedals with Gas and Braking control ;
Strong suction cups , and C-type grip , easy to use on different surface fixed ;
With X-input/D-input function for PC , be default to X-input mode when connecting ;
The dead zone of direction , refueling and braking is adjustable in D-Input mode .
Support Platform : PC/ For PS3/For PS4/For XBOX-ONE
Avoid fierce vibration . Don’t take apart , revise and mend by yourself .
Don’t let water or other liquid entering inside of the gamepad to make any damages .
Don’t store in places of high humidity .
Don’t drop the gamepad into heat reservoiror explosion danger may be caused by built-in battery .
Children should be under the custody of adults to use this product .
Package Included:
1 x Steering wheel
1 x Foot pedals
1 x Manual in English and Chinese
1 x Driver CD


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