22*23 Dual LED Folding Lightbox (You will get an extra LED strip)

[Specification]:​ -Style: Portable Photo Photography Lighting Tent Kit. -Material: acrylic+ABS plastic. -Color: White. -Item Size: 22 * 24 * 23 cm / 8.4 * 9.4 * 9.1 inch. -Backdrop Size: 48 * 21cm. -Structure: Easy for you to assemble. -Super bright LED beads, provide average light for your product. -Foldable design, Easy for you to store and carry about Supplied with 6 backdrop to suit your needs better Ideal for you to shoot for small products. -Use micro USB cable or your phone power charger as power supply. [Package include]: 1 x Backdrop cube with Dual LED. 1 x 20cm LED light (You will get an extra LED strip). 6 x Backdrops(white, black, yellow, red, green,blue). 1 x USB Cable. 1 x Handbag. 1 x User manual.

Photo studio box

Dual LED light panel with 6 photography background colors

Waterproof, damp-proof, anti-wrinkle

PP material: Specially tailored 300# matte surface, diffuses light, more uniform reflection, softens shadows in 3D sense


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