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Description :  

BESGEER Mouth Muffle Mask Disinfection Sterilizer Machine Air Purifier Fresher Purifying Machine

Illness finds its way in by the mouth, so people always try to mask the noses and mouths to protect theirself .
However, because people are wearing a mask they will think they are protected but they often ignores a fact that the mask itself might be polluted.

The disposable mouth mask might be convenient for your using.
But the disadvantage of disposable product is that it is not energy efficient and has a relatively short lifespan. 

The non-disposable mouth mask is durable and environmental.
But these mouth mask shoule be cleaned and disinfected before we wearing it : )
The traditional disinfection method of mouth mask is inconvenient and also halfway.

What can we do ?

You can try this  BESGEER Mouth Mask Sterilizer Machine that special design for mouth mask disinfection.
It can producing eight million of negative oxygen ions at the same time,  By the way of release carbon fiber and plasma to sterilize.
User-friendly design, it is easy to use and special fit the cup shape mouth mask.
Besides, it can also used as an air Air Purifier Fresher, suitable to place in the office, study, living home and etc.

Specification :  

Brand Name : BESGEER

Model : ALCM300-A1
Rated voltage :  DC5V
Input voltage : 110V-220V
Rated power : 1.5W
Rated air volume : 12m3/h
Noise level : 35db
Usage area : <= 15m2
Weight : 360g
Color : Blue&White
Dimensions : 192 x 151 x 97mm
Temperature :  -10 ? -50 ?
Anion output :  8 × 106pcs / cm3
Package Includes :  

1 x Besgeer Mini Mask Sterilizer Machine ( US plug)
1 x English User Manual
1 x Power adapter according to your country
(Comes in original color retails gift box)

Detail Pictures :  







It is not only a mouth-muffle sterilizer, but also a air purifier



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