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Product Description of Braun series 7 replacement head

This Braun Series 7 Replacement Head is compatible with all shavers from 7 Series. It allows you to get a close shave with Plusonic replacement cutters. With the long-lasting blades, get a smooth and precise shave. Maintain peak performance of Braun 7 Series razors with these quality replacement heads.

Key Features:

  • Simple and easy replacement after 18 months
  • Comfortable shave without any nicks to the skin
  • Closer shave with enhances performance and comfort
  • Compatible with all the model of Braun Series 7 including 7865cc, 790cc, 7899cc, 760cc, 7893s, 797cc, and 789cc.
  • Includes a gentle swivel for maneuvering along the face curves
  • Easy to remove and install without any distress


Reasons Why You Need Braun Series 7 Replacement Head & Shaver

Braun Series 7 is an electric shaver used for the quick and efficient shave. The latest masterpiece is the Braun Series 7 Replacement Head which has overjoyed the consumers. It comes with different changeable parts of the Braun Series 7 shaver. There are all the necessary replacement heads incorporated in the package so that you can change the head after every 18 months. It is necessary to change the heads of the shaver so that you get better performance from your shaver. At a low cost, you can almost change the shaver and get a new one after changing the head.

So, it is clear that Braun Series 7 heads are necessary and you must include them in your collection of items. There are a few reasons that determine why you need Head & Shaver.

Renew Your Shaver

You can change the heads of your Braun Series 7 Shaver after 18 months to renew your shaver. It is recommended by the manufacturer that you need to replace the head after a reasonable time. This assists you in gaining the highest performance from the shaver. So, you almost get a new shaver after you change the head. The new head renews the machine and makes it work better and faster. This is also done at a low cost. The replacement head is available at an incredibly low price So, by playing low you almost get a new shaver after some time.

Quickest Shave

Braun series 7 replacement head provides the quickest shave. If you do your shaver with a razor, it takes a lot of time. Razor is often an irritating thing because it is likely to give you some cuts as well. The most annoying thing is that it takes a lot of time. Life is busy nowadays, and you lack time for such daily tasks. So, the razor is not a good option when it comes to time. This is where the shaver can be the best option, It makes sure you don’t waste your precious time in shaving. In just a matter of minutes, you would accomplish a good shave.

Safest Shave

Braun Series 7 Shaver makes sure you get a safe shave. It prevents any cuts that you are likely to get from the razor. Shaver includes the heads that don’t give any cuts even with the sharper blades compared to a razor. When you are feeling safe during the shave, you can also do it quickly. There is nothing better than feeling comfortable when shaving. A razor can never provide such feeling, but a shaver certainly does.

Cheaper Option

Braun Series 7 Replacement head is available at a very reduced price. Compared to other items, it is seriously cheap. You never need to buy razors again and again when performing a shave. You just need to pay once and then do a shave when you need. Also, you don’t need to replace the shaver, rather, you can replace the head and renew the shaver to enhance the performance. So, it is an affordable shaving option.


Thus, you don’t need to utilize an electric shaver with water. In any case, did you realize that you could? Most electric shavers are superbly ok for you to use with water if shaving that way makes you increasingly agreeable. So if that is not a part of customary shaving that you need to surrender, that is fine! Electric shavers are flexible in light of the fact that they can shave in both wet and dry conditions. What’s more, completing one more than the other won’t influence the razor’s wellbeing in any capacity! You can do things your way.

You’re somewhat constrained with regards to a customary razor. You can actually just shave in the shower, or by your sink. In any case, with an electric razor, insofar as you’re close to an electrical outlet, you’re fundamentally great to go. Notwithstanding being somewhat greater, electric shavers are in reality increasingly compact along these lines! On the off chance that you’re tired of being affixed to the washroom when you’re shaving, at that point the electric razor is unquestionably the best approach. You will love this buy in the event that you purchase the Braun Series 7 Replacement Head.


We addressed this before, yet it merits rehashing: electric shavers last such a great amount of longer than customary shavers! Customary shavers last, best case scenario, barely a month. Furthermore, some of them last significantly not as much as that. Less expensive razors will just last two or three weeks. Electric shavers, then again, can last 3-5 years at the very least. Furthermore, a portion of the more top of the line ones lasts as long as seven years! The time and cash you will spare by having an electric razor is a sufficient advantage without anyone else.

When you’re shaving with a conventional razor, it’s anything but difficult to get anxious. You would prefer not to stress over unintentionally hitting something delicate. In view of the foil, we referenced before, be that as it may, you don’t need to stress over this occurrence.

You can easily shave anyplace on your body without stressing over the sharp edge harming it. This permits you to get increasingly imaginative with the edges you’re utilizing and permits you more opportunity. Bid a fond farewell to that difficult to achieve spot behind your knee or close to your lower leg! Your Braun Series 7 has it secured.

Numerous men like utilizing Braun series 7 replacement head since it enables them to have precisely the measure of stubble that they need. Shaver’s like these have settings that enable individuals to control the power of the shave. For individuals who are looking after facial hair, this element can be a gift from heaven. Conventional razors have just a single setting: high. In any case, electric razors can get unmistakably more exact than that. In the event that you need command over how much hair you’re shaving off, at that point purchasing an electric razor is certainly the best approach.