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Car Coat Hanger Universal Folding Safety Handle  Chair Back Rack Hook Two Colors


1.Integrates without disturbance on the driver or passenger seat.
2.Easy installation: mounting or dismounting within 10 seconds.
(Put the headrest tube into the hole of safety handle,
choose two corresponding Sheath circle to pressure into the handle hole and the trough.)
3.Garments are brought along hanging free and secured in vehicle(Just put the left and right arm into handle fixed hole).
4.Universal for most vehicle with round head restraint rods.


Suits:all brand cars(household car)
Color:Randomly (Red,Black)
Size:22*8(40cm unfold)*2cm
Bear:less than 6kg


Headrest and chair back are in whole is not available
The distance of  headrest rebar is less than 20 cm is available

Package included:

1 X Car coat hanger


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