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FX-Audio D802C is the FX-Audio D802 updated version with AUX input + wireless bluetooth3.0(CSR57E6) connection which sampling 16Bit/48KHz.

USB/Coaxial/Optical Input
32V 5A high-power power supply
2 x 80W Super High power remote digital amplifier
OLED cold light display screen


Input Interface: Optical x 1 + coaxial x 1 + PC USB x 1 + AUX + Bluetooth
Output Interface: 2-channel
Sampling rate: 44.1-192KHz(Coaxial/Optical) + 44.1-192KHz(PC USB)
Bluetooth rate: 16Bit/48KHz
Bit Width: 16-24Bit
Frequency response: 18Hz-22KHz
Dimension: 178 x 114.5 x 33.7mm
Length of circuit: 1meter
Appearance process: Panel drawing technology
Power out: 80W + 80W(4ohm)/ 50W + 50W(8ohm)
Rated power: DC32V, AC110V-250V
SNR(singnal to noise): 100db
Package Included:
1 x FX-Audio D802C Bluetooth 3.0 NFC HIFI Digital Audio Amplifier
1 x Remote Control
1 x Bluetooth Antenna
1 x USB Cable(Optical and Coaxial cable is available too)
1 x DC 32V/5A Power supply
1 x English Manual


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