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Item name: WLtoys V912 RC Helicopter Accessories Bag
Item NO.: KV912-001
Usage: For V912 4CH Single Blade RC Helicopter

Package Included:

1 x Canopy V912-23
2 x Main Blade V912-07
1 x Tail Motor Rear Cover V912-28
1 x Tail Pipe V912-32
1 x Balance Bar V912-02
1 x Tail Blade V912-30
1 x Landing Skid V912-25
1 x Ball Head Accessories V912-05
1 x Tail Motor Cover V912-29
1 x Connect Buckle V912-04
1 x Main Gear V912-03
1 x Tail Ornament Parts V912-27
1 x Oblique Tail Boom V912-26
2 x Canopy Fixed Accessory V912-17
1 x Main Steel Pipe V912-09
1 x Main Inner Shaft V912-08
1 x Swashplate V912-11
1 x Blade Grip V912-06


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